Butterfly - Interior


creative & efficient space

Creative space brings greater efficiency out of employees, as evidenced by statistics and many successful companies.

The office space in BUTTERFLY is a truly unique working environment. All people working in BUTTERFLY will benefit from the bright office space with large operable windows and the creative possibilities of office layouts, from cellular to open space or the combination of both.

The central cores of each wing are prepared for a kitchenette, all designed and executed with the highest standards in mind. Server rooms are also located here.

Our architects and office planners are ready to help with any of your requirements.

focused on A SAFE working enviroment

The sustainable building design meets the needs of a comfortable working environment.

The green facade of the Butterfly building reflects what is inside: a comfortable working environment at its highest level. State-of-the-art technology supplies the office and common spaces with fresh air. Each office space has individual temperature controls to provide the best possible comfort, while allowing full control of energy consumption.

The safety of our tenants is enhanced by a magnetic card control system, which can be individually programmed. The reception desk and security service is operating 24/7.

Terms of use

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